Hari Krishna Arya of India once said,
"Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who do not use technology will be replaced by those who do."
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The completion of this degree program will allow me to be more effective when helping the teachers at my school incorporate technology into their lessons.  Likewise, it can lead to me moving into technology related positions such as a technology coach for a school or district. My degrees include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Francis Marion University and a Master’s in Library & Information Science from the University of South Carolina. 

This is my fourth year as media specialist at two elementary schools.  However, my career in education started in the classroom.  In fact, my first two jobs involved teaching mathematics at the high school level for seven years and one year at the middle school level.  A career change led to me working as a media specialist for six years at the high school level before obtaining my current position.  In each position as media specialist one of my duties included serving as the technology wizard.  It requires me to troubleshoot technology related issues, as well as provide technology assistance and training for teachers.  In fact, my current school district trained me as an Apple Vanguard Educator, which enables me to teach others in the district what myself and others were able to learn in those trainings.  In addition, over the years opportunities for professional growth have been provided to me in the form of technology courses, workshops, and conferences that are related to the use of technology in the classroom.

Reading is what I prefer to do in my spare time.  Also, some of by time is spent being creative by experimenting with crafts.  Some of my projects include origami flowers, paracord bracelets and lanyards, seat crates, using mod podge to decorate wooden letters, etc.  In the process, crafting has reminded me about the enjoy of learning and trying new things.

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S.C. Association of School Librarians
Google for Education Training  Center
Richland County Public Library