Hari Krishna Arya of India once said,
"Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who do not use technology will be replaced by those who do."
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Standard 4

(Professional Knowledge and Skills):  Candidates design, develop, implement, and evaluate technology-rich learning environments within a supportive community of practice.

photo inside Lamar Library

Artifact #1: EDET 650 Homework Help

Context & Conditions -- This artifact was created using Wix. It was designed and developed during my internship at the Lamar Library to provide resources for students that can assist them with homework and other assignments.

Scope -- The artifact is a website that contains various types of resources that can provide homework help for students. The URL will be shared with the library patrons and the students in the Lamar area schools.

Role -- This was an individual task that I completed. Input from a student survey, as well as students' known areas of weaknesses were considered when adding resources and creating job aids.

Instructional Design -- This artifact reflects all elements of the ADDIE model. These phases of ADDIE can also be applied to the MRK model. Students' weaknesses were analyzed to determined the need for resources. The website was design and developed, implemented, and evaluated to prior to being shared with the entire community.

Performance Indicator(s) --

  • Collaborative Practice - Candidates collaborate with their peers and subject matter experts to analyze learners, develop and design instruction, and evaluate its impact on learners.

A few teachers were willing to complete the staff survey that provided insight into students' areas of weaknesses. Students also completed a survey to help convey a need for resources that would benefit them.

  • Ethics - Candidates demonstrate ethical behavior within the applicable cultural context during all aspects of their work and with respect for the diversity of learners in each setting.

A diverse group of students and staff were surveyed. The surveys were completed anonymously.

Reflection -- I did not get as much input from teachers as I had hoped. However, the website is a good starting point for resources that students can access anywhere internet access is available. As time permits, additional resources will be added to the website. However, the focus will primarily be on the students at my two schools.